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    Shemitta: For the Land is Mine

11 October, 2009, Los Gatos, California - Wildergarten Press Announces a significant rediscovery in the Bible, lost for over 3,000 years.

For the first time since long before the fall of the Babylonian Empire, the Biblical Sabbath for the Land is revealed publicly as originally intended: a sophisticated plan for national defense, environmental productivity, and charity toward the poor, all integrated through but one simple, but inscrutable verse.

The original literal instruction in Exodus 23:11 was never followed in full. Indeed, that verse does not appear in the almost two volumes of the Jerusalem Talmud dedicated to the Sabbath for the Land. It was a clearly deliberate omission, and probably necessary. Had Israel’s Second Temple Period rabbis taught its military value alone, their Persian, Greek, and Roman overlords would have had the rabbis bound in chains, and the Torah might then have been lost, perhaps forever. Hence, our historic understanding has been interpreted according to the limited practice of that time.

Shemitta: For the Land is Mine shows how this new understanding works. Once this narrower literal translation of Exodus 23:11 is applied to the remaining statutes in Leviticus 25, the combined system produces either the blessings or curses promised in Leviticus 26 on both operational and scientific bases, line-by-line. Its underlying principles are as true today, here in the United States, as they were in ancient Israel. Abiding by its teaching was to institute the ultimate in limited government, a tiny but revolutionary nation designed to be a light to oppressed peoples everywhere, standing free and unassailable amid powerful and brutal empires.

Mark Edward Vande Pol gave up his career as a successful medical device project engineer to author a highly-regarded text on free-market environmental management, Natural Process: That Environmental Laws May Serve the Laws of Nature. He has committed himself to detailed habitat restoration on his own land in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California for nearly twenty years. He holds the first US business method patent #7,401,036 for private environmental management.

In Shemitta, he lays out this astonishing story in a clear and thoroughly documented analysis, starting with a uniquely approachable teaching on the Hebrew. It then extends through the scientific, political, military, and economic foundations of this amazing thesis, as reinforced by nearly seven hundred beautiful, and sometimes tragic photographs. This graphical narrative documents the massive difference between land that is cared for by people who love it, compared to the disastrous condition of our National Parks, degraded through a misguided assumption that Nature realizes its productive potential by excluding the works of people.

Because of its graphical nature and in order to keep it affordable, Wildergarten Press is introducing Shemitta on CD-ROM. Many of its nearly 700 photographs are organized into passionate and vibrant “picture books” that themselves form a parallel theme to the written text. 

Shemitta: For the Land is Mine. Please, go to for more details.

Contains: 795pp: 215pp text, 2 tables, 683 photographs, 9 maps, 1 drawing, 1 chart, 143 footnotes, 357 Biblical citations, and 135 external source references.

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