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    Shemitta: For the Land is Mine

12 October, 2009, Los Gatos, California - Wildergarten Press Announces the first formal Hebrew language review of Shemitta: For the Land Is Mine.

True Biblical discoveries are exceedingly rare. Unless they come from the academic community, they are usually met with extreme and justified skepticism. A long history of oppression has made it even more difficult for the Jewish community to accept and review ideas at variance to early Talmudic rulings. Thus, for a book focusing upon early Hebrew writings by a non-academic Gentile to be reviewed at all by an Israeli expert in Biblical Hebrew is extremely difficult. Yet this case indeed warrants such notice.

Uri Harel is a Biblical Hebrew language expert, born in Israel. He founded the Center for Biblical Hebrew in order to teach the power of understanding the Bible through its native tongue. Hebrew is a conceptual language, with its meaning derived by complex combinations of roots, each with abstract origins that can be difficult to discern without the ability to construct wide associations among usages spanning the entire Bible. To be a Hebrew language scholar is thus a lifelong study.

Mr. Harel took an interest in Shemitta precisely because its amazing findings rely upon the most common understanding of the Hebrew roots found throughout the rest of the Bible, thus taking fewer liberties in interpretation than is usual. After a detailed study, here is what he said:

"For generations, the laws of Shemitta were very complex, relegated only to Jewish scholars and Torah law experts. In this easy to read, well documented and effectively illustrated book, Mark Vande Pol has simplified them, brilliantly.

"Through the clarity of this investigation anyone reading it will be able to grasp the importance and gravity of the Torah laws of Shemitta. This amazing and powerful research describes the law, analyzes the reasons behind it, and simplifies the scientific rationale for its effectiveness in keeping a healthy society on healthy land.

"I am certain that the Shemitta and its benefits will never be misunderstood or underestimated to any lay person or a scholar who will study this enjoyable, highly recommended book."

Uri Harel
Center for Biblical Hebrew
Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Shemitta: For the Land is Mine. Please, go to for more details.

Contains: 795pp: 215pp text, 2 tables, 683 photographs, 9 maps, 1 drawing, 1 chart, 143 footnotes, 357 Biblical citations, and 135 external source references.

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